Amethyst Bracelet


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Beads Size: 8mm

Wrist Size:15.5cm

Amethyst is a unique crystal with a clean, transparent appearance, and a captivating rich, deep purple color.

In various cultures, it holds a symbol of sacred power and is believed to represent status and strength when worn. People have cherished amethyst since ancient times for its remarkable ability to invigorate the mind.

Let’s explore the effects of Amethyst:

  1. Calm Nerves and Improve Sleep: Amethyst possesses a soothing energy that helps calm the nerves and promote better sleep quality. It also aids in developing wisdom, sparking creativity, boosting confidence, and bringing emotional stability.
  2. Enhance Memory and Focus: Amethyst is associated with the eyebrow wheel, and its influence strengthens memory. It has a positive effect on individuals who struggle to concentrate or have difficulty learning.
  3. Attract Unexpected Helpers and Foster Friendships: Amethyst is known to attract unexpected assistance when you need it. It’s a crystal that can help you make friends and is particularly beneficial for individuals in artistic, writing, business, and academic fields, including students.

In summary, Amethyst is not only a visually stunning crystal, but it also holds numerous benefits. It’s a suitable crystal for students, aiding in sleep and offering support in various aspects of life, making it a treasured gemstone with versatile advantages.

*Every natural crystal is unique, so when made into a bracelet, each one is also unique. Crystals are gifts from the world and contain natural mineral defects and textures, which are normal. These natural imprints are what make crystals unique and beautiful.


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