Natural Azeztulite Bracelet – Like Ice Cube Summer Fresh


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Beads Size: 10mm, 12mm

Hand Wrist Size: 16cm and 17cm

Azeztulite: The Crystal of Awakening

Azeztulite crystal, known as the stone of awakening and the archangel of crystal, boasts the highest frequency among earthly crystal minerals.

Clear Azeztulite:Recognized as the most potent variety among the 16 discovered, Clear Azeztulite holds the unique ability to self-repair without external purification. When worn with other crystals, it amplifies their effects.

Correspondence to Crown Chakra:Clear Azeztulite aligns with the crown chakra, promoting mental clarity, breaking thinking limitations, refreshing the mind, boosting work efficiency, enhancing memory, and improving focus. For children, wearing Clear Azeztulite fosters expanded thinking, nurtures creativity, increases learning efficiency, reduces learning fatigue, and inspires ideas, aiding in their cognitive growth.

Neutral, Clean, and Righteous:This crystal is among the most neutral, clean, and righteous. It possesses potent purifying properties, acting as a shield against impurities and a symbol of peace.

Key Effects:

  • Assists in purifying other crystals.
  • Potent purifying function against impurities, serving as a shield and peace charm.
  • Strong emotional healing energy, opening the karma wheel for clear guidance and inspiration.
  • Attracts wealth and noble connections, wards off negativity, aids in studies and work, and protects love.

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10mm, 12mm


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