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Labradorite is a stone that was discovered in the Labrador region of Canada. Due to the accumulation of various elemental crystalline minerals, light is refracted and creates colorful halos, which is why it is also called the “spectral stone.”

Here are the effects of labradorite:

Unleashes potential: Labradorite has calm, firm, and long-wave energy that can help strengthen vitality, improve physical strength, and endurance for those who are often fatigued or physically weak.

Improves insights: Wearing a good labradorite gemstone can help you feel mentally comfortable and stable, in the energy state of Jupiter. Holding the stone while meditating can increase the frequency of the whole body, strengthen perspective and insight, and prevent confusion caused by appearances.

Emotional therapy: Labradorite can calm an overactive mind, stimulate imagination, and generate new ideas. It is known as the “artist gem” for its creative energy.