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Moonstone is a delicate and gentle stone that represents tenderness, charm, and femininity. It has various meanings and uses:


  • Lover Stone: It is believed that wearing moonstone during a full moon can attract a good lover, making it a symbol of love and a great gift for loved ones.
  • Birthstone for June/Lucky Stone for Scorpio: Moonstone symbolizes health, wealth, and longevity.
  • 30th Anniversary Gemstone: In Western culture, moonstone is the commemorative gemstone for the 30th wedding anniversary.


  1. Attracting Positive Energy and Popularity: Moonstone can attract positive energy and popularity, making you more charming and magnetic to like-minded people. It is particularly effective for individuals who want to exude personal charm.
  2. Guard Love: Moonstone is also called the “Lover’s Stone” and is believed to protect love. It can soothe emotions and promote peaceful communication, making it a great gift for those in a relationship.
  3. Regulating Female Endocrine: Moonstone can improve fertility and has a soothing effect on physiological pain. It balances women’s endocrine systems, making their complexions look better and more beautiful.
  4. Softening Temperament: Moonstone has a calming magnetic field that can help get rid of sharp emotions, bring about personal charm, and improve temperament.
  5. Relieving Negative Emotions: Moonstone has a delicate and healing energy that helps balance one’s energy field, deal with negative emotions, and calm the heart.
  6. Strengthening Intuition and Inspiration: Moonstone can improve clarity of thought, reduce external distractions, and help people develop stronger intuition and inspiration.